Sunday, July 20, 2008

Idea of Algebra

  • Algebra is used to make statements of mathematical problems in a brief
  • Algebra is the Shorthand of O Math. In arithmetic we are using numerals like 5,-8,3/8 etc.
  • In Algebra we are using letters in place of numbers.These letters are 'number SYMBOLS' which are unknown or unspecified.They are called VARIABLES.Use of variables gives us a generalised result.
  • Example look the mathematical statement '1+2=3'.
  • In words 'the sum of 1 and 2 is 3'. In general the sum of two numbers is a third number. 5+6=11,8+7=15 . . . and so on.
  • We write this using variables as 'a+b=c'. This is the generalized form of adding 2numbers. Here a,b,c are variables(any number).
  • Your AGE is a variables.Age is changing every year.
  • But Year of birth is a CONSTANT.

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