Thursday, July 17, 2008

Types of assistance

I provide different types of assistance in math, suitable for the different needs you might have:

Math Problem Solving Service
You can submit a list of problems to me, and I’ll give a free quote for solving your math problems. I also provide math homework help. I will give you the correct and complete solutions to all your math problems.

Online Math Tutoring
If you want help with a certain math topic, I can provide you a math tutoring session via email.

How It Works
Step1: E-mail your math problems at
Please include 'Math help' or 'Math tutoring' in the subject line. Also mention your grade level or standard and your deadline.
Step2: I will give you a quote.
Step3:Make the payment through PayPal.
Step4: I will send the step by step written solutions as a PDF attachment to your e-mail.

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